How do comic artists ink their comic pages?



For a few weeks now I’ve been reading a few comic books and they showed how they make a comic page from sketch to colored page.

But the thing is when it comes to the inking stage do the comic artists ink the page by HAND or do they do it DIGITALLY?

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Big Jim Slade

The artist draws it, then gives it to the inker who inks by hand.


Most often in modern comics they are “inked” digitally. Graphic art pens are still available, they just tend to be harder to use when shading and render a less “smooth” finish. Real pens also make it really hard to correct mistakes.

Lovely Lynx

most stuff is digitally. They’ll draw it out, the sketches, and then upload it to the computer. I’m not too sure what they use, some will use a photo shop program, and from there do the line art. Line art is simply just the lines. When they are finished with that it will look like a coloring book. Then on the photo shop program they will color it in and upload textures and such to make it look all nice.

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